There are three fundamentals, regardless of industry, that are key to making a good business better.


There are many good businesses out there, but they will not become better because they fail to identify and articulate specific growth initiatives.


The ability to scale not just the physical company, but the employees, the capital structure, and the overall operations is key to success. Companies need to anticipate scalability and plan accordingly.


Is your company a fad or is it sustainable over a long period of time? It is critical that the business model is multi-dimensional and has a solid product or service that will be viable for years to come.

While businesses are unique, many share common needs

  • A strategic planning process
  • Objective leadership, experience and expertise for pending or planned acquisitions
  • Balance sheet restructuring or incremental growth capital
  • Improved corporate governance
  • Strength in key management positions
  • Positioning for and execution of succession planning and/or shareholder liquidity

3S Fundamentals

Our interactive approach starts with a holistic, 360-degree evaluation of your company from finance and acquisition to capital markets and human resources, an intense deep-dive that identifies where the business currently is, and where it needs to be. Through this process, we identify the “white space” that exists between where the business is today and where it has the potential to go. We then develop a comprehensive growth STRATEGY and help to execute the specific initiatives that will create value that is SCALABLE and SUSTAINABLE.